Attendance Monitoring and Verification Committee

The Attendance Monitoring and Verification Committee is being formed at the college level comprising the following faculty members of all Departments.

Attendance Monitoring and Verification Committee for Academic Year 2016-2017

Mr. N. Hari Babu, Assoc.Prof.,CSE      
Mr. K. Ramesh Babu, Assoc.Prof.,Physics     


S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Mr.N. Sammaiah, Assoc. Prof.   Co-Coordinator
2 Mr.T.Shiva, Assoc. Prof. I EEE-A & B Member
2 Mr.MD.Samdhani, Assoc. Prof. II EEE-A Member
3 Mr. B. Babu II EEE-B Member
4 Mr. S. Janardhan  III EEE-A Member
5 Mr. Viswaprakash Babu            III EEE-B Member
6            Mr.N. Sammaiah, Assoc. Prof. IV EEE-A Member
6           Mr. G. Ashok, Assoc. Prof. IV EEE-B Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Mr.B.Sathish Chandra, Assoc. Prof.   Co-Coordinator
2 Ms. D. Pushpalatha, Assoc. Prof I ECE-A Member
3             Ms. N. Shravani, Assoc. Prof. I ECE-B Member
4             Ms. K.Annie Rebecca, Asst. Prof. I ECE-C Member
5             Ms.K.Radhika Reddy, Assoc. Prof.  II ECE-A Member
6             Mr. M. Ramakrishna, Assoc. Prof. II ECE-B Member
7             Mr.M.Rajesh, Asst. Prof II ECE-C Member
8             Mr. M.Sagar, Assoc. Prof.          III ECE-A Member
9             Mr. A.Venkat Reddy, Assoc. Prof III ECE-B Member
10             Mr.G.Shyam Kishore, Asst. Prof. III ECE-C Member
11             Mr. N.Raju, Asst. Prof. IV ECE-A Member
12             Mr.B.Sathish Chandra, Assoc.Prof. IV ECE-B Member
13        Mr.A.Sriramulu, Assoc.Prof. IV ECE-C Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1  Mr.V.Malsoru, Assoc. Prof.                    Co-Co-ordinator
2 Mr.A.Venkatesham, Asst. Prof.          I CSE-A Member
3  Mr. A.Avinash, Assoc. Prof. I CSE-B Member
4   Mr.K.Ravikanth, Assoc. Prof              I CSE-C Member
5   Mrs.K.Jayashree Reddy, Assoc. Prof. II CSE-A Member
6 Mr.N.Venkateshwaran, Assoc. Prof. II CSE B Member
7  Mrs. A. Jothi Prabha, Assoc. Prof. II CSE-C Member
8  Mr.K.Anil Kumar, Assoc. Prof. III  CSE-A Member
9   Mr.M.Ravindar, Assoc.Prof. III  CSE-B Member
10    Mr. G.Ranjith Kumar, Assoc. Prof.    III  CSE-C Member
11   Dr.B.Kavitha Rani, Assoc. Prof.,    IV  CSE-A Member
12   Mr. V.Malsoru, Assoc. Prof.,    IV  CSE-B Member


S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Mrs.V.Neelima, Assoc. Prof. II IT Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Mr. K.Mahesh, Asst. Prof. I Mech Member
2 Ms. K. Sandhya Rani, Assoc. Prof. II Mech Member
3 Ms. N. Bhavani, Asst. Prof, III Mech Member
4 Ms. A.Tejaswini, Asst. Prof, IV Mech Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Ms.M.Vyshnavi, Asst. Prof. I Civil Member
2 Ms.D.Geetha Rani, Asst. Prof. II Civil Member
3 Ms. K. Bhagya, Asst. Prof. III Civil Member
4 Ms. G. Chamanthi, Asst. Prof. IV Civil Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Ms. G.Srilatha, Asst. Prof. MCA and M.Tech Member
S.No Name Section Assigned Designation
1 Mr. M. Ravi Kanth, Asst. Prof II MBA Member
2  Mr.D.Venu gopal, Assoc. Prof.  I MBA Member
S.No Name Designation
1 Mr.D.Shyam Prasad, Assoc. Prof.ECE Co-Coordinator
2  Mr. B.Raju, Asst. Prof, ECE Member
3  Mr.Ch.Balram Murthy, Assoc. Prof. ECE Member
4 Mr.P.Srinivas, Assoc. Prof, ECE Member
5 Mr.R.Sai Krishna, Asst. Prof,CSE  Member
6 Mr. A.Ravikanth, Asst. Prof, CSE Member
7 Mr. A. Avinash, Asst. Prof, CSE Member
8 Mr. MD.Samdhani, Asst. Prof., EEE Member
9 Mr. G.Ashok, Asst. Prof, EEE Member
10 Mr.P.Devendar, Assoc. Prof., Mech Member
11 Mr. K.Mahesh, Asst. Prof.,Mech Member
12 Mr. S.Sai Srujan, Asst. Prof.,MBA Member
1 Mr. A.Srinivas, Asst. Prof.,Maths Member
2 Mr. J.Parashuramu, Asst. Prof.,Maths Member
3 Mr. Ch.Rajendra babu, Asst. Prof.,Physics Member
4 Mr. S.Harikrishna, Asst. Prof.,Chemistry Member
5 Mr. Madhu.O, Asst. Prof.,English Member

The Charges of the Committee are the following

1. To monitor the weekly attendance of all the students in all the subjects in a section assigned.

2. To prepare a list of students having weekly attendance less than 75% at the end of every week and cumulative attendance till that period from the beginning of the semester in the section.

3. Every week end, to call and inform the parents of the students having less than 75% attendance based on the weekly report generated and making them to understand the consequences of not attending the classes. If possible, reqeusting the parents to make a visit to the college and meet the concerned Head of the Department to know the performance of the students.

4. To prepare a report on how many parents being called, how many parents responded, how many parents visited the college to meet the concerned Heads of the Departments and how many students warned and counselled.

5. To send bulk SMSs to parents of students regarding the students attendance in each subject and cumulative attendance on weekly basis.

6. If a student absents himself/herself for more than two successive days in a week, his/her parents should be called immediately and should inform them to visit the college along with the ward in order to find the reason for this long absence.

7. To upload the attendance of students of all branches to the University portal on a fortnightly basis.

8. To carry out thorough verification of the attendance registers of all I, II, III, IV B.Tech classes, MBA and MCA classes on monthly basis to find out whether faculty membes have conducted the classes as per the Time-Table assigned and also to note the make up classes taken for the classes missed out due to absence.

9. To submit the attendance registers after thorough verification to the Examination Branch at the end of every semester.

10. Co-Co-ordinators are requested to collect the reports from the department representatives of the committee at the end of every week (i.e., SATURDAY) without fail and submit the same with proper comments to the Co-ordinator of the Committee.

11. Co-ordinator is requested to submit the reports collected from all sections with proper comments to the Principal on weekly basis (i.e., on every MONDAY).

No Ragging