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B.Tech. course in Information Technology(IT) was started in the academic year 1999with an annual intake of 60 and was enhanced to 90 from the academic year 2000 and to 120 from the academic year 2011. Department has been offering Master of Computer application program from the academic year 2002 with annual an intake of 60. Thirteen batches of Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech. students and Ten batches of B.Tech(Information Technology) students have graduated so far and they are all well placed. The department offers M.Tech Programmes in four specializations – M. Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering), M.Tech. (Computer Science), M.Tech.(Software engineering), M.Tech.(Computer Networks and Information Security). The department is well equipped with Hi-end computers, latest software and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and all these computing resources are interconnected with high speed intranet having 10 Mpbs internet connectivity to the outside world. The department has well equipped and upgraded laboratories- Computer Programming, Data Structures C++, Object Oriented Programming, Linux Programming and Data Mining, Web Technologies, DataBase Management Systems, Case Tools, Computer Networks and Operating Systems, IT Workshop, Multi-media Application development Labs where students can develop software applications. The students are being guided professionally and are being taught by well qualified and experienced teaching staff. The growth of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, is taking strides in strength and in facilities year after year. The department is working full fledged and is glared up with latest equipment in tune, adapting latest trends in the field of teaching like computer visual aids.The Department is contributing to the spread of knowledge by imparting the students with “Foundation Programmes” under the guidance of Infosys Campus Connect. Department is making the teaching learning process more effective by using modern facilities like Smart Digital Boards, LCD Projectors and Laptops.The department periodically organizes technical seminars, symposia, workshops and guest lectures for the benefit of both the students and the faculty. The Mission of the department is “To Impart Quality Education in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology”.


To be a pioneer educator in Information Technology by exposing students to cutting-edge technologies, and making them successful performers in the global arena.Building interest in students for specialized research and higher studies, emphasizing ethical values and social issues related to technology.


To impart quality education in Information Technology by offering state of art technology tools and infrastructure, motivate them to actively participate in research and entrepreneurship, to instill high standards of discipline and ethics so that they become enlightened individuals in the service of humanity at large.

Short Term Goals

• To develop the career of the students by guiding to carryout industry-oriented projects, presenting research articles/ work in national level paper contests, working model exhibitions, design contests etc., in addition to classroom learning.

• To improve the entrepreneurial skills of the students, by imparting software product development skills and arranging interaction with Industrialists/Eminent persons.

• To encourage Industry-Institution -Interaction, resulting in consultancy, collaborative projects, training, and student projects.

• To organize Workshop/Seminar on contemporary issues in the field of Information Technology.

Long Term Goals

• To identify the ever-changing requirements of the students and to address them effectively thereby making value addition to them.

• To establish Information Technology corporate training center.

• To encourage research activities in the department.

• To establish centre-of-excellence for research in Information Technology and its allied fields.

• To establish and strengthen Industry-Institute interaction and be industry solution providers.

• To take up sponsored IT projects from private and government organizations.

• To create better entrepreneurs in the area of Information Technology.

Program Educational Objectives are:

Preparation: To prepare students to apply their knowledge and multifaceted skills to be employed and excel in IT professional careers, to pursue higher studies, motivate them to be placed in various research development areas and educational organizations worldwide.

Core Competence: To provide students with a concrete foundation in mathematics, physical sciences, basic engineering management of scientific investigation, to solve real world problems through Information Technology.

Breadth: Train students to procure knowledge in the domain of Scientific and Information Technology, so as to comprehend and create real world applications by understanding the value of efficient design, to meet the requirements.

Professionalism: To inculcate in students, a lifelong career of personal and professional growth with ethics and character in developing effective communication, interpersonal and multidisciplinary skills.

Learning Environment:To endow the students with world class environment, promote awareness for the necessity of life-long learning in attaining a successful profession career as engineer, scientist, technocrat, bureaucrat or an entrepreneur.

Programme Outcomes

a. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences and engineering to formulate and solve engineering and IT related problems.

b. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate & solve complex engineering problems by applying the principles of mathematics, basic & engineering sciences.

c. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design and construct a hardware and software system, component or process to meet desired specifications within realistic constraints.

d. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify research components to design software applications, as well as to use the research knowledge to search, analyze & interpret data.

e. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify and evaluate software requirements, use current emerging software and hardware technologies to develop applications.

f. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to design, implement and evaluate a computer based system to meet desired needs with realistic constraints such as social, legal, health & safety.

g. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental & societal context.

h. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge of professional & ethical responsibilities.

i. Graduates will demonstrate an inquisitive spirit for self education, team work & to function effectively with multidisciplinary teams.

j. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in both verbal & written form to address wide range of audience.

k. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of engineering and management principles, and apply these principles to real time work to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.

l. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to recognize the need & impact of lifelong learning in the context of technological change.


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Class Time Table


Semester - I

Class: B.Tech 3/1 [ IT ]

Class: B.Tech 4/1 [ IT-A ]

Class: B.Tech 4/1 [ IT-B ]

Semester - II

Class: B.Tech 3/2 [ IT ]

Class: B.Tech 4/2 [ IT-A ]

Class: B.Tech 4/2 [ IT-B ]

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