Newsletter Editorial Board Committee

Newsletter Editorial Board is being constituted at the college level under the Chairmanship of the Principal with the following composition:


Dr. A.R. NASEER, Principal


Dr. M. Sujatha, HOD, Env. Science


Mrs. K. Prasanna Latha, HOD, English
Mr. J. Laxmi Rajashekar, HOD, MBA
Ms. K. Jayashree Reddy, Assoc. Prof. CSE



Dr. K.Srinivas, HOD., CSE
Ms. K. V. B. Hanuma, CSE
Mr. M. Ramakrishna, Assoc. Prof, ECE
Mr. P. Balakishan, Assoc. Prof, EEE
Mr. Vishwa Prakash babu, Assoc.Prof.,EEE
Ms. K.V.B.Hanuma, Asst., Prof., CSE
Ms. K. Sandhya Rani, Assoc. Prof, Mech
Mr. D. Venugopal, Asst. Prof., MBA
Mr. M. Satyanarayana, Asst. Prof., Physics
Mr. Madhu. O, Asst. Prof., English
Ms. E. Swapna, HOD., Chemistry
Mr. Ch.Balaram Murthy, Lecturer in ECE
Mr. M. Vijay Kumar, Lecturer in EEE
Ms. L. Ravali Reddy,Lecturer, Civil
Mr. V. Nareen Kanth,Asst. Prof, DCME
Ms. Ch. Haritha, Asst. Prof, DCME
Mr. M. Sathish, Asst. Prof, DECE
Ms. D. Pushpalatha, Asst. Prof, DECE
Mr. M. Surendar, Asst. Prof, DEEE
Ms. K. Samatha, Asst. Prof, DEEE
Mr. K. Sunil Kumar, System Admn, CSE
Mr. Md. Salim Pasha., System Admn, CSE
Mr. B. Srinivas Reddy, System Admn, CSE

Purpose of the Newsletter Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is a standing committee of the college which shall publish the college newsletter as a monthly publication concerned with providing regular means of information and communication among staff and students of the institute. The purpose of the newsletter is to disseminate in a convenient form news about the activities and developments of the college, achievements of the staff and students, events organized and attended, competitions participated and won, current technological developments, and above all, to provide a platform for the faculty and students to dig out and expose their hidden literary talents and creativity with the sole aim of encouraging diversity in authors, points of view, articles - technical & philosophical in nature, poems, short stories with moral messages and any other material of academic importance.

Responsibilities & Duties of the Board:

The primary responsibilities of the Board are to collect, review, and edit information for publication, and to print and distribute the newsletter on a monthly basis.

In discharging these responsibilities, the board

1. shall define the editorial policies and goals of the newsletter and establish procedures for the systematic and timely review of material submitted for publication.

2. shall solicit volunteers from among the members representing various departments to call for articles from faculty and students and also to collect them before the specified deadlines and also to write or prepare columns on topics determined by the Board.

3. shall involve in the screening process to review the submissions by faculty and students and to select only those submissions containing valuable information appropriate for publishing. Selected articles shall be submitted to the Editorial Board Chair for approval.

4. shall edit and proof read selected submissions by faculty and students, and send them to the Editorial Board Chair to obtain final approval for publication.

5. shall establish publication time tables and follow the deadlines strictly.

Editor-in-Chief along with Co-editors

1. shall oversee the newsletter publishing operations – articles collection, review, selection, editing, proof-reading, layout, printing / production and distribution of each issue of the newsletter.

2. are responsible for quality control – they will carefully proof read the newsletter before it is printed and distributed, to discover any errors inadvertently introduced in the production process.

3. shall maintain record of all articles received (both hard & soft copies) and the articles selected for publication.

Decision of the Editorial Board’s Chairman regarding publishing of articles in the newsletter is final.

No Ragging