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It’s my proud privilege to extend a warm welcome to all the visitors of our college Website.

Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology & Science, Karimnagar was established in August 1997 as a self-financing Engineering College by Shalini Vidya Samstha, Karimnagar under the able Chairmanship of Sri. J. Sagar Rao, a philanthropist and great visionary.

The Higher Education environment in our country has changed dramatically over the last twenty years and there were challenging times for colleges and universities. Despite these challenges, the Jyothishmathi College of Technology & Science (JITS) has made significant progress over the last 18 years , and we are proud of our achievements.

Our Engineering College has developed into one of the very large and foremost Engineering Colleges in this region, offering Four Undr-Graduate Programmes – B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering), B.Tech. (Information Technology), B.Tech.(Electronics & Communication Engineering), B.Tech.(Electrical & Electronics Engineering), B.Tech.(Civil Engineering), B.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering) Twelve Post-Graduate Programmes – MCA (Master of Computer Applications), MBA(Master of Business Administration), M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering), M.Tech.(Software Engineering), M.Tech.(VLSI Design), M.Tech(Computer Networks and Information Secuirity), M.Tech(Embedded System Design), M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering – Second Shift), M.Tech.(VLSI Design-Second Shift), M.Tech (Computer Science), M.Tech (Digital Systems and Computer Electronics) , M.Tech.(Power Electronics) and M.Tech.(Electrical Power Systems). We are also proud to announce that we have started second shift Polytechnic Diploma Programmes in Computer Engineering(CME), Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE) and Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE) from the academic year 2009-10.

The college continues to be recognized for its achievements, and this is a reflection of our management, faculty & staff who help to create that success. Our commitment to widening participation has ensured that we continue to make Higher Education accessible to those from poor backgrounds.

We look forward to every opportunity to spread knowledge beyond our campus through the creativity and achievements of our staff and students. our perspective is global, in our activity, our reach and our aspirations. Our strategy is to guide a raft of changes to secure an unforgettable ‘best student experience’ for all at JITS.

Ahead lie enormous challenges and much hard work, but we have begun our journey and are already making progress. Management, faculty, staff, graduates, undergraduate students have been fantastically supportive of our aspirations.

Research is the channel through which knowledge enters society and our research policy should be designed to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of the region. College has undertaken research and teaching in a wide breadth of subjects. It is part of our philosophy that our research endeavors underpin the College’s learning and teaching. We have also recognized that we need to establish a fresh strategy for learning and teaching in the light of changing demands and the needs of our students.

Our attention must be focused on measures to improve the quality of learning and teaching in the College and to ensure that our graduates have developed the necessary skills for successful employment and for 'lifelong learning'.

This is an exciting time to be at the Jyothismathi institute of Technology & Science as we continue to innovate and grow. This reflects the spirit of our College, and the commitment of our Management, faculty & staff.

I have been proud to have been a part of our current development and I look forward to the College maintaining and developing its mission for ‘Making Knowledge Work’ and offering relevant teaching programmes in an atmosphere of research.

I wish all the students every success in their future endeavors and a bright future

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