LAUNCHING OF PROJECT PRATHIGNA -For safe and better society


As Part of Jyothishmathi Brigade



Inaugural Function


11th March 2016

at 10.30 am


The main objective of launching "Project Prathigna " is creating awareness for a safe and better society.Jyothishmathi Brigade of students at the college is to contribute to this Project and create awareness in the society.“Like¬† Brigades of Soldiers who are deployed to combat evil enemies to protect the country,¬† Jyothishmathi Brigades of Students are formed to drive away evil practices in the society”.

The honorable guests of this function are Sri.Naga Maruthi Sharma,District Judge , Karimnagar, Smt.Neetu Kumari Prasad, District Collector, Karimnagar, Sri.D.Joel Davis, Superintendent of Police, Karimnagar, Ms.Annapurna, Additional Superintendent of Police, Karimnagar,Ms.Sindhu Sharma, Trainee IPS, Karimnagar.

A presentation was given by students on "Awareness for Youth for safe and better society".Posters related to various crimes and their consequences were released during the event.




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