Safety Committee

A Safety Committee is being formed at the college level comprising the following faculty members.

Safety Committee for Academic Year 2016-2017

S.No Name Designation
1 Mr.M.Ramakrishna, Assoc. Prof., ECE Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Sujatha M., HOD, Env.Sci Co-coordinator
3 Ms.K.Geetha, Assoc. Prof., CSE Member
4 Mr. S. Srinivas, Asst. Prof.,CSE    Member
5 Mr. K. Ramesh, Asst. Prof., ECE Member
6 Mr. P. Srinivas, Asst. Prof., ECE Member
7 Mr.T.Shiva, Assoc. Prof., EEE Member
8 Mr.A.Bhagavan Reddy,Asst.Prof., EEE Member
9 Mr.P.Devendar, Asst. Prof., Mech Member
10 Ms.K.Bhagya, Asst. Prof., Civil Member
11 Mr.M.Surender, Asst. Prof., Maths Member

The Charges of the Committee are the following

1. To conduct meeting regularly to discuss the safety and security measures taken at the college campus.

2. To make sure that all the labs in the college are provided with handy Fire Extinguishers, smoke detectors and First Aid Kits.

3. To ensure that fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in all the labs are checked periodically once a month for proper operation.

4. To make all faculty and the technical staff of the departments fully aware of the safety norms being adopted.

5. To ensure that Safety procedure instruction sheets are provided in all the labs and the Lab instructions make sure that every students goes through these procedures at the beginning of every semester.

6. To conduct regularly an inspection tour of all the department labs to find out the availability and functioning of all the essential items in the lab as far as the safety and security measures are concerned.

7. To organize "Safety Awareness Day" by inviting external experts and practicing professionals in the safety area to conduct a training program on " How to use First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers intstalled in the labs" in the event of fire breakout.

8. To organize "Emergency Evacuation Drill" and Workshop on Treating injured persons in workplaces".

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