Training & Placement Committee

Training & Placment Committee is being formed at the college level comprising the following faculty members.

College Training & Placement Committee for Academic Year 2016-2017

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Prof. V.Bugga Rao,Vice Principal,EEE Training & Placement Officer & Chief Advisor
2. Mr. S.Gopal Reddy, Assoc. Prof. EEE Coordinator
3. Mr. Vishwa Prakash Babu, Assoc.Prof., EEE Asst.Coordinator
4. Mr. N. Raju, Assoc. Prof., ECE Member
5. Mr. J.Ramesh, Assoc. Prof, ECE Member
6. Mr. R. Venkateshwarlu, Assoc. Prof., CSE Member
7. Mr. N. Venkateswaran, Assoc. Prof, CSE Member
8. Mr. N. Mahesh,, Assoc. Prof, CSE Member
9. Mr. G. Ranjith Kumar, Asst. Prof,CSE Member
10. Mr.N.Sai Kiran, Mech Member
11. Ms.M.Vyshnavi, Civil Member
12. Dr.Osman bin Salam, MBA Member

Infosys Campus Connect Programme Sub-Committee:

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Prof.V. Bugga Rao, Vice-Principal Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
2. Mrs. V.Neelima, Assoc. Prof., CSE Core Team Co-ordinator
3. Mr. M.Ravindar, Assoc. Prof., CSE Core Team Member
4. Ms. G. Srilatha, Asst. Prof., CSE Core Team Member
5. Mr. N. Mahesh, Assoc. Prof., CSE Core Team Member
6. Mr. CH.Kranthi Kumar., English Core Team Member
7. Mr.Madhu.O, Asst. Prof., English Core Team Member

TASK Programme:

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Mr. R.Venkateshwarlu,  Asst.Prof., CSE Core Team Coordinator
2. Mr. R. Jawaharlal, Assoc. Prof., ECE Asst. Co-ordinator
3. Mr. S.Janardhan, Asst. Prof., EEE Member
4. Mr. N.Sai Kiran, Asst. Prof., Mech Member
5. Ms. M.Vyshnavi, Asst. Prof., Civil Member

Globarina Programme Sub-Committee:

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Mrs. K. Radhika Reddy, Assoc. Prof., ECE Core Team Coordinator
2. Mr. V. Malsoru, Assoc.Prof., CSE Asst. Co-Ordinator
3. Mr. R. Sai Krishna, Asst. Prof., CSE Member
4. Mr. T. Praveen Kumar , HOD.,EEE Member
5. Mr. K. Ramesh Babu, HOD., Physics Member
6. Mr. M. Sathish Kumar, HOD., Mech Member
7. Dr.Osman Bin Salam, HOD., MBA Member
8. Mr. CH.Kranthi Kumar, Assoc.Prof., English Member
9. Dr. N. Raji Reddy, HOD., Maths Member
10. Mrs. E. Swapna, HOD., Chemistry Member

The Charges of the Committee are the following

1. To organize co-ordinate Campus Placement Program to fulfill its commitement of a job to every aspirant.

2. To establish linkages between the industry, the faculty and the Students.

3. To organize training programs in association with the corporates.

4. To conuduct training classes for students by FEP trainers.

5. To conduct familiarization tours for corporate to the institute so that they can choose how to work together for matual benefit.

6. To conduct awareness programs for the students in the form of workshops, seminars & conferences in assoctiation with institutions & corporates.

7. To arrange special lectures by executives from corporates & institutions.

8. To conduct value added programs like the Personality Development and Communication skills workshops.

9. To arrange Aptitude Test for Students & oraganize Group discussions.

10. Organize Enterpreneurship Development Programs.

11. To arrange industrial visits for students & faculty.

12. To implement industrial projects of mutual interest & allocation of in-house final year projects for students.

13. To make available updated database & job profile of the companies & thus help each students analyze and choose company of hos/her interest.

14. To assist TPO during the campus visit of companies for placements to extend warm reception & to provide required stationary items, food and accomodation.

15. To mail the required data and update information of students to various comapnies.

No Ragging