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Sl. No. Registration Id Name of the Staff Member Designation Highest Qualification Photograph
1 3503-190116-151859 Dr. R JEGADEESAN Professor & HoD M.E., Ph.D. R.JEGADEESAN
2 2921-171009-152053 Dr. SENGODAN PRABAHARAN Professor M.E., Ph.D. S. PRABAHARAN
3 7484-171223-135049 Dr. MADUGULA SUJATHA Professor M.Tech., Ph.D. M SUJATHA
4 3453-150412-185020 Dr. DAVA SRINIVAS Associate Professor M.Tech., Ph.D. D.SRINIVAS
5 3947-150501-121041 Mr. VANKUDOTHU MALSORU Associate Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D)  MALSORU
6 0665-150407-213740 Mr. PORIKA BALAKISHAN Associate Professor M.TECH  P.BALAKISHAN
7 6833-150412-134117 Mr. RUDRARAPU VENKATESHWARLU Associate Professor M.TECH  R.VENKATESHWARLU
8 8303-150411-163250 Mr. MOGILI RAVINDAR Associate Professor MTECH.,(Ph.D).  M.RAVINDER
9 3234-150411-160116 Mrs. VONTELANEELIMA Associate Professor MTECH.,(Ph.D).  V-NEELIMA
10 8878-150412-135054 Mr. NATESAN VENKATESWARAN Associate Professor MTECH.,(Ph.D).  N.VENKATESWARAN
11 2517-150411-154733 Mrs. POLSANI PRANITHA Associate Professor MTECH.,(Ph.D).  P.PRANITHA
12 08150404-115752 Mr. GANGADHARA SRIKANTH Associate Professor MTECH  G.SRIKANTH
13 9930-150412-190306 Mr. GOTTE RANJITH KUMAR Assistant Professor MTECH  G.RANJITH
14 8111-150412-173810 Mrs. GAJULA SRILATHA Assistant Professor M.TECH.,(Ph.D).  G.SRILATHA
15 2358-150412-182152 Mrs. BODAKUNTA UMA RANI Assistant Professor M.TECH.,(Ph.D).  B.UMARANI
16 3739-150419-081213 Mr. RACHAKATLA SATYA TEJA Assistant Professor M.TECH  R.SATYATEJA
17 24150406-115549 Mrs. AMBIGALLA SHARADA Assistant Professor M.TECH  A.SHARADHA
18 4027-160306-225226 Mrs. GOURISHETTY SINDHUSHA Assistant Professor M.TECH  G.SINDHUSHA
19 8404-150408-185212 Mr. KONDAPALKALA MAHESH RAJ Assistant Professor M.TECH  K.MAHSHRAJ
20 3478-150412-114256 Mr. SHAIK MUNAWAR Assistant Professor M.TECH.,(Ph.D).  SHIKA-MUNAWAR
21 4590-160307-145534 Ms. BAVU SUSMITHA Assistant Professor M.TECH  B.SUSHMITHA
22 8502-150408-171038 Mr. ADLA SHEKHAR Assistant Professor M.TECH  ADLA-SHEKHAR
23 3544-160306-025711 Ms. MARYADA MAMATHA Assistant Professor M.TECH  M.MATHA
24 6118-170127-105440 Ms. KOTHAPALLY HARINI PRIYA Assistant Professor M.TECH  K.HARINIPRIYA
25 5627-170126-132038 Mr. GASHIKANTI ANIL KUMAR Assistant Professor M.TECH  G.ANIL-KUMAR
26 2897-160306-225640 Mr. PAINDLA THIRUPATHI Assistant Professor M.TECH  P.THIRUPATHI
27 5353-170915-095838 Ms. KOLA RACHANA Assistant Professor M.TECH  K.RACHANA
28 8113-160205-154048 Mr. GUNDAM RANJITH Assistant Professor M.TECH  G-RANJITH
29 7052-160311-141331 Mr. KASANAGOTTU SANTHOSH KUMAR Assistant Professor M.TECH  K.SANTHOSH-KUMAR
30 4158-170127-092216 Mr. BADISE MANOJ Assistant Professor M.TECH  B.-MANOJ
31 7377-160222-135813 Mr. KONDAPALLY RAJKUMAR Assistant Professor M.TECH K-RAJKUMAR
32 8962-170118-160430 Mr. JETTI SRINIVAS Assistant Professor M.TECH Jetti-Srinivas
33 6572-171227-142626 Mr. MUGALA JAMES Assistant Professor M.TECH M.JAMES
34 1760-180129-195336 Ms. ULLENDULA SANDHYA Assistant Professor M.TECH U.SANDHYA
35 2796-181224-155713 Ms. BOMPELLY PRANITHA Assistant Professor M.TECH B.PRANITHA
36 5628-150414-140513 Mr. GASAGANTI VIDYASAGAR Assistant Professor M.TECH G.VIDYASAGAR
37 6646-200303-170951 Mr. SWARGAM RAJESH Assistant Professor M.TECH S.RAJESH
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Associate Professor

M.Tech (CSE), (Phd)

14 Years of Teaching experience

Area of interest: Data Mining, Machine learning, Image processing


Mobile: 9493142141


Most people associate a personal computer (PC) with the phrase computer. A PC is a small and relatively inexpensive computer designed for an individual use. PCs are based on the microprocessor technology that enables manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip. Personal computers at home can be used for a number of different applications including games, word processing, accounting and other tasks. Computers are generally classified by size and power as follows, although there is considerable overlap. The differences between computer classifications generally get smaller as technology advances, creating smaller and more powerful and cost-friendly components. Personal computer: a small, single-user computer based on a microprocessor. In addition to the microprocessor, a personal computer has a keyboard for entering data, a monitor for displaying information, and a storage device for saving data. Workstation: a powerful, single-user computer. A workstation is like a personal computer, but it has a more powerful microprocessor and a higher-quality monitor. Minicomputer: a multi-user computer capable of supporting from 10 to hundreds of users simultaneously. Mainframe: a powerful multi-user computer capable of supporting many hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously. Supercomputer: an extremely fast computer that can perform hundreds of millions of instructions per second.