Computer Science & Engineering,

Electronics & Communication


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

on 2nd March at 10.00 am ”


Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science


Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh

The INAUGURATION of Institution of Engineers(IE) Students' Chapters in Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication and Electrical & Electronics Engineering was held on 2nd March, 2013 at 10 am at Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science, Nustulapur, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh.




Prof. D. M. Vinod Kumar, Former Dean & HOD of EEE, NIT Warangal inaugurated the Institution of Engineers(IE) Students' Chapters. Prof. R.B.V. Subramanyam of CSE Dept. NIT Warangal and Prof. M. V. Raghunath of ECE Dept. NIT Warangal were the Guests of Honour at the Inaugural function. Principal Dr A R Naseer presided over the function and in his address he stated the objectives & activities of the Chapter.



Objectives of the IE Student Chapter :
The Student Chapter shall be constituted for initiating and imbibing the feeling of belongingness into fraternity of engineering to which the students of engineering are destined. The Students Chapters may provide a learned workshop/clinic for the development of socio-techno intellectual qualities of the students as well as for encouraging their urge and surge for knowledge in a disciplined and guided system.



The activities of the Chapter :

The activities of the Students Chapter shall be primarily technical and shall include:

  1.  1. Organising lectures by corporate members and others on the subject of  engineering interest;
  2.  2. Organising paper meetings, discussions, seminars and technical film-shows on selected subjects;
  3.  3. Organising visits to engineering projects, construction sites, factories,  workshops, laboratories etc;
  4. 4. Organising competitions on technical subjects including annual paper writing, model building and quiz competitions;

5.  Promotion of social contacts among the students;
6. Any other activity conducive to the technical and intellectual advancement of the students.


Further he added that this student Chapter will provide ample opportunity for the students to organize various activities to enhance their knowledge & skills in their respective field of study. Moreover, this chapter should be used to provide a common platform to Academicians, Researchers and Industry professionals and students to discuss and exchange their ideas in the emerging areas of Engineering and to contribute to the latest technological developments.

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