The institution promotes sports and game activities to organize various events like sports meets and FEST etc. To support and encourage the students to participate in the sports and games at various intercollege, Intra college, district and state-level competitions. The institution has a permanent cricket net for practice cricket. Separate indoor games for shuttle, caroms, and chess are provided for student’s encouragement. The students of the colleges are utilizing the facilities daily for their physical health and recreation. Right from the inception our students have participated and brought laurels to our institutions in sports conducted at the university, district, state, and national level tournaments.

Sports, Outdoor and Indoor games, Gymnasium:

Available Facilities

1 Tennikoit Court No NO
2 Throw Ball 1 18.3MX12.20M
3 Basket Ball 1 28MX15M
4 Volley Ball 2 18MX9M
5 Shuttle 1 13.4MX6.10M
6 Running Track 1 400M
7 Table Tennis 2 2.74MX1.52M
8 Caroms 5
9 Foot Ball 2 19MX45M
10 Hockey 1 91.4MX55M
11 Cricket Field 1 78MX70M
12 Chess INDOOR
13 Cricket Nets 1 20MX3M
play ground
play ground
play ground
play ground
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14 Years of Teaching experience

Area of interest: Data Mining, Machine learning, Image processing

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