An educational institute environment should be conducive for academic excellence for which the hostlers are the real beneficiaries against the day scholars. Because provide excellent Hostel Facilities according to the requirements of the parents. Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities for the students who live on campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support.

A culture to help students adjust, learn and live in an effortlessly laid environment. The hostel at JITS aims and works to the extent of parents expectations. Ensuring the students live in a healthy environment- mentally, physically and socially has always been our topmost priority. The staff appointed looks after the students at the hostel and makes sure that they are available all the time and immediately respond to any specific requirements. Inside the sprawling campus of our JITS College, there is one canteen that functions well to serve the students and staff members.

Special Features:

  • Separate hostel facility for boys and girls
  • Semi furnished rooms with attached washrooms
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting facility
  • Well-furnished common rooms with TV with DTH connection
  • Well manpowered Canteen
  • A hygienic catering
  • Purified Drinking water
  • Well equipped with modernized cooking appliances

Academic Activities:

Conducting special classes and seminars on topics related to academics are held for hostellers as and when possible to enable the hostel students to excel in their academics and careers.

Academic Progress:

Regular monitoring of the hostel students academic performance along with its evaluation and counseling will be made. led accordingly so as to ensure good performance outcome in terms of academics and from time to time so that 100% of the graduate students who resided in the hostel in the last academic year have been placed in reputed MNCs or got admitted in premier institutes for further education.

Hostel Wardens & Staff:

The warm and friendly staff, always have plenty of time for a chat in the cool and colorful open ground in front of the Hostel. The hostel warden is a qualified Psychologist and is available round the clock either in the college or in the hostel to guide, counsel and advise the needy students. A lady warden and the hostel warden (boys) reside in the hostel premises.

Study rooms cum Common Halls:

Spacious common rooms are provided in all the hostels, which are a place for constructive activities like indoor games, discussions and get together within the hostel. Indoor games like carom board, chess, table tennis are provided within the hostels. There is a separate Badminton court in both the hostels and sports equipment is provided from the hostel’s sports committee.

Well furnished and spacious rooms are there for boys and girls each. There are cubicles as well as dormitories for the student’s .Each room is equipped with a bed, a study table, study chair, almirah and an easy chair. Separate study rooms cum common halls are provided for boys and girls to enable the students to study during late nights, without disturbing the sleep of other roommates.

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