Library is an integral part of JITS started at the time of its inception in 1997. The prime objective of the library is to support in fulfilling the information need of parent institute, build and preserve the collection of specialized books in the various fields. The library is the Treasure Trove and provides the fertile Source of Information to the Engineers. Recognizing the role of the library, it was setup as one of the key divisions of the Institute. The collection is mainly strong in engineering and technology, however good information sources on humanities and social sciences are also available.

The library collection comprising of books, journals, standards, and other nonbook materials in engineering, technology and humanities and is considered as the best one. The college library has at present a total collection of 59,723 volumes covering nearly 9995 titles and sufficient reference books. There are 100 International Journals, 112 National Journals, 33 Magazines and are displayed according to each Branch. All the books are classified using D.D.C. (Dewey decimal classification) as per Anglo-American cataloging rules. Library and Information Centre provides uncompromising information and caters to the intellectual requirements of its students and faculty members with a userfriendly approach. The huge Library facility at Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science make it top colleges in Telangana. It offers a fully integrated and dynamic environment for conducting academic activities. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available in Reference Section and Stack Area as well.