Innovation cell

To explore students’ ideas and imbibe the innovation trends in them, the innovation cell is established in the institution.

Innovation cell:

The institution has an innovation cell for students and faculty to carry out their innovative activities. The innovation cell co-opts the resources from several department laboratories as required by the students from time to time. The institution has established the following laboratories for the purpose of carrying out innovation under innovation cell.

Robotics Lab:
It is an initiative to disseminate education on embedded system and Robotics. The lab provides required infrastructure facilities for both faculty and students to carry out the research on embedded systems and Robotics. Specialized training is provided through TBT (Task Based Training). Some of the activities are

  • Arduino based hands-on training
  • Training on Functioning and Testing of Electronics components
  • Development of applications in Robotics
  • Involving students in doing Mini or Major Projects on Robotics

Training for participation in competitions (e-Yantra, Robo saarang, Project Expo)

Robotics Lab

IOT Lab: This lab provides necessary infrastructure support on embedded computing that controls the personal IOT frame work. Some of the activities are

  • Arduino and raspberry pi hands-on training
  • IDE software training
  • Innovative and research projects using IoT
  • Project Expo

IoT Lab

Embedded System Lab:
The Institution also has the following supporting system creating an echo system for innovation in campus and in turn supports the operations in the innovation cell. Some of the activities of the embedded systems lab are

  • Software and Hardware training on embedded systems
  • Develop embedded system based applications
  • Research projects

Embedded System Lab