The College Anti-Ragging Committee is formed comprising of the following staff members and students.

College Anti-Ragging Committee for Academic Year 2021-2022

S.NoNameDept. & DesignRoleMobile NoE-mail Id
1Dr. K. S.
2Dr. V.NeelimaCSE–Assoc
3Mr. R.Venkateshwar RaoPhysical
4Mr. G.Ranjith KumarCSE–Asst.
5J. RameshECE–Asst
6R. BabuEEE-Assoc.
7Mr. N.VenkateswaranCSE–Assoc.
8Mrs. E.SwapnaH&S– Assoc.
9Mr. N.Sai kiranMECH–Asst.
10Mr. M.Raj KumarCIVIL–Asst.
11K. ShivaniIV CSEStudent
12R. RupiniII CSEStudent
13M. ShreyaII CivilStudent
14MD. Abdul WasiIV EEEStudent
15M. Sai KumarII MECHStudent

Role & Responsibilities:

  1. To advise / counsel the senior students in the class rooms and hostels not to involve in ragging.
  2. To prevent ragging at different places like bus stops, corridors, canteen, laboratories, hostels etc.
  3. To constitute anti- ragging squads.
  4. To take all measures to prevent ragging and keep the campus ragging free campus.
  5. To report actions to the Principal on the students involved in ragging activities if any.
  6. To enforce and maintain strict discipline to prevent ragging in the College Campus.
  7. To conduct anti-ragging campaign to the students on awareness of punishment for ragging through suitable posters around college campus and hostel premises.
  8. To keep continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence.
  9. No student should be allowed to enter the college premises or hostel without Student ID. Any incident of ragging in the college or outside should be brought to the notice of the Principal with written complaint. The minutes of every meeting should be forwarded to the Principal, without fail.
  • Terms: Once in a year and shall continue to be in force until reconstruction.
  • Meetings: Once in a year and on any exigency.

Role of the Coordinator: Arranges awareness programme for seniors on anti-ragging with the local police officials. This committee forms Vigilance Committees and Flying Squads, every year to ensure the campus is free menace of ragging.

The responsibility of the Vigilance Committees is to ensure that all anti-ragging measures are in place to curb the menace of ragging.

The responsibility of the Flying Squad is to maintain Vigil to check ragging activates. To make surprise visits in the campus, bus stops and hostel and other places vulnerable to incidents & having the potential for ragging.