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What is CAD/CAM?

Computer aided design / Computer aided manufacturing is a type of software which is used by mechanical engineers for the design & manufacturing of prototypes, finished products, and products. It offers designs for manufacturing which are used with a CNC machine. CAD is a software used by designers, architect to create digital 3D drawings. CAD allows testing the objects which represent in real world conditions. CAM uses geometrical data to control automated machinery. CAM produces faster production processes & allow components.

CAD/CAM plays an important role in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers get placed into jobs by the knowledge of CAD/CAM. Mechanical engineering is a very big field that deals with designing, manufacturing, planning of objects & virtualization of machines.

Some of the better results of using CAD/CAM is –

1. Better quality design
2. Making documentation easy
3. Designing productivity
4. Cost optimization
5. Better visualization.

Uses of CAD/CAM software are

1. Aerospace – parts of satellites, aircrafts are manufactured by aerospace companies. CAD/CAM plays a big role in their manufacturing process. Before a product is manufactured their design is used to visualize the product through this softwares. Computers have brought a drastic change in all the industries. As CAD/CAM have changed the development process digitally.

2. Dentistry – from the past 25 years CAD/CAM has brought a drastic change in dentistry. The technology used in both the dental laboratory is applied to inlays, onlays, crowns & full mouth reconstruction.

3. Automotive – it is one of the best fields where CAD/CAm plays a big role. They are used to design, manufacture vehicle tyres, engines & many. The job sector in the automotive field is very high. It is the most innovative field. The automotive field always helps in return of newer materials with least investment. As robots are now performing post machining operations in FMS. The best benefit of robotics in CAD/CAM is to reduce lead-times, increased accuracy & better finishing.

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