Autonomous College in Karimnagar
JITS students form human chain into ‘ISRO’ hailing the success of Chandrayaan-3

Students of Jyothismathi Institute of Technology and Science (JITS), Autonomous Engineering College have formed into a human chain in the form of “ISRO” for the successful landing Chandrayaan-3 on South Pole of the Moon and emerging as the first country in the world on Wednesday evening (23/08/2023).

With lots of excitement since morning, the students prayed for the success of the mission Chandrayaan-3 and safe landing of Vikram lander on the Moon. Along with prayers for the safe landing of Vikram lander on the Moons, the students also formed a human chain as “ISRO” hailing the scientists of the country for their true spirit and scientific tempo. They carried national flags and raised slogans of Bharath mata ki Jai, Jai ho India etc.

Earlier, Former Director, Directorate General of Security, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi Dr. T P Sasi Kumar delivered an induction lecture on ‘Learn to Learn’ for the B.Tech first year students. Explaining the students to lay a strong foundation in their career from the first year onwards, Mr. Sasi Kumar urged the students to learn beyond books, classroom and teachers. He explained how one can learn from one’s own experiences as well.

He also motivated the students on the positive attitude amplifies achievement, aptitude and attitude. He also empowered the students on techniques of enhancement of memory skills. JITS Chairman Sri J. Sagar Rao, Principal Dr. K S Rao, Dean (Academics) Dr. P K Vaishali, Dean (Student Affairs) Dr. P. Sampath Rao and others were also present.