Karimnagar Engineering Colleges
Covid has been a global pandemic which affected many aspects like education, IT companies & many. Schools & colleges have been shutted down just because of covid-19 for almost 20 months. Education has become just online through mobiles, laptops. Education requires an urgent crisis from the government to make it normal again. Education is an essential right for everyone. Education has been shifted to distance learning to everyone due to a pandemic. By e-learning focus shifts from knowledge based learning to application based. E learning helps in applying knowledge towards the result. Many researchers said that e-learning can be accessed by many people & from anywhere. Online learning has many platforms to explore in a creative way. Education is the field which has been completely affected by covid-19 pandemic. In the education system online learning seems to be easily affordable. Online learning offers to improve their technical skills & derive more technical skills. Digital learning is turning into more inclusive learning & making the teaching process & talent more accessible. The prevailing education had a break away from imparting good skills & encouraging them to think out of the box. Digital learning has good results. Online learning makes it simpler, easier & more effective. Online learning provides quicker completion of lessons than traditional classrooms. Some of the advantages of online learning is that students can wrap up for a few days. They can change their own way of learning. Students can choose their materials online rather than mugged up with textbooks. Online learning helps students to retain information for a longer period. The goal of new education is to set innovators, entrepreneurs who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based system. Believing the integration of information technology in education will be accelerated by online education & it has become a part of school education. Technology plays a big role in education during the times of covid-19. By the use of technology students can access classes in different places. Jyothishmathi engineering college has the best placements in Karimnagar. Join engineering colleges near by Karimnagar.