Best Engineering College in Karimnagar

Artificial intelligence is teaching a machine the ability of solving problems using algorithms where humans solve by using natural intelligence. Artificial intelligence deals with languages understood by computers like c,c++,java ,python. AI is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software & applications with a cutting edge of machine learning, analytics &
visualisation technologies. Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing our lives & powering the fourth industrial revolution. Intelligent machines are used in every fact of our lives to improve efficiencies & augment our human capabilities. AI is so intertwined in our lives that we cannot imagine without it.

AI has changed the public administration in the public sector. AI has the potential to make health care much & more accessible and more affordable. The usage of machines has increased as usage & advent of the internet has increased. There is rapid growth in this field. Biggest companies in the global market hire individuals who have a knowledge of Artificial intelligence. It has been the biggest change in all aspects like health, transportation & everything. Global market in the advent of the internet & smartphones has been leaning towards artificial intelligence. Market share of artificial intelligence is projected to grow USD 190.61 billion in 2025. AI is the central tenet for disruptive changes in 4 industrial revolutions. As generation of data has tremendously increased the computing power available, artificial intelligence has exploded more in recent years. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is an integral part of our lives. Digital assistants such as Alexa & Cortana respond to our queries & would be baffled by our addiction to social media such as instagram, twitter, facebook.

Eminence of artificial intelligence in humans?? Huge demands of greater strides in computer processing & learning algorithms. With the advancements of technology in day to day life computers can be trained to achieve particular tasks of large amounts of data. Data contains a variety of things including videos, images, customer data. Usage of artificial intelligence the tasks would be more accurately completed.

Many media companies, financial institutions, legal institutions & insurance companies are finding ways to use artificial intelligence to their advantage. From managing global supply chains to optimising delivery routes, artificial intelligence is helping companies in all industries at every stage of business. In the medical phase AI is altering our healthcare system from figuring out
drug protocols to better diagnostic tools & evn robotic surgeries. Current investments & research of AI is perfect in our daily existence. Artificial intelligence plays a substantial role in national defense. Artificial intelligence became more affordable due to affordable cloud computing & big data explosion. Managing data is crucial in the educational field. AI plays a substantial role in national defense.

Join Jyothhishmathi college of engineering is one of the best colleges which provides a great platform for AI & all technical aspects. JITS is one of the best engineering colleges in Karimnagar. Teachers of Jyothishmathi have a great knowledge of all aspects & are trained in placements of students.