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Civil engineers deal with construction & management. They literally build the very infrastructure around us & this is unlikely to change in the near future. they can be found in aerospace industry, space stations, automotive industry. Civil engineering is one of the best & exciting professions. Civil engineering has been an aspect of life since the existence of humans. Civil engineers are of 2 types one who focuses on design work & other who is involved in the construction field. As both the fields require innovative & logical thinking. Civil engineering has emerged from the past few days. Civil engineering has great demand in all aspects towards a good career. Civil engineering has the remarkable ability to blend creative ideas into constructions. Civil engineering has a historical look & set to be continued in most demanding engineering posts around the world. Opportunities await skilled professionals from civil engineering in future & scope of civil engineering is huge. Civil engineers are required in every construction & real estate company for various job profiles. Infrastructure engineer is the sub branch of civil engineering including work in IT infrastructure. It deals with designing, planning & execution of developing the IT infrastructure in our country.

Civil engineers help shape communities by designing & creating structures such as highways, airports & dams. Some of the most popular career options in civil engineering are

1.Construction manager- Construction manager works as boss of construction manager. They have a basic knowledge on weather, team management & time management. Construction managers obtain work permits, hire contracts & keep clients informed on work timetable & progress.

2. Geotechnical engineer- They mainly depend on science & technology in creating projects & providing solutions to the problems that relate to geology. Geotechnical engineers possess the capability of understanding the soil conditions in all types of projects to fail if the soil is not suitable. They use rock soil principles to assess the risks of site conditions.

3. Environmental engineer- They make an analysis of the problems especially the environmental ones & strives to generate a solution to the problems. They include the quality of water & air, locating underground water management of treating both hazardous & non-hazardous substances.

One can deduce that civil engineering may have emerged after a nomadic lifestyle to settle in one place. To ensure smooth commuting roads, bridges came into existence. Over the period of development into full-fledged science the development of civil engineering has increased rapidly. Join the best civil engineering college in Karimnagar. Jits always come on the top of karimnagar engineering colleges