Karimnagar Engineering College
JITS celebrates National Voters Day:

National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of the Jyotishmathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) Karimnagar town celebrated the 13th National Voters day by organizing an awareness programme for the students on Wednesday (January 25, 2023).

On this occasion, EEE department head Dr Gaddam Sridhar and NSS programme officer Vishwa Prakash Babu educated the students the importance of vote and exercising their franchise for the development of the country. The students vowed to have a firm faith in democracy, to uphold the democratic values of our country and to exercise their voting franchise in every election without fear or influence of religion, race or caste as part of their pledge.

The NSS programme officer said that the youth must have good understanding of the electoral process and the importance of voting. Educating about the importance of National Voters day with the theme of “Nothing Like Voting, Vote For Sure”, he said that those who have attained 18 years of age must enroll themselves as voters as it gave them the power to elect their leaders. A strong democracy can be formed only if the public elected efficient leaders on their own volition, without any influence. JITS Chairman Sri. J. Sagar Rao and Principal Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao also educated the students about the importance of the future of the country with the power of vote.